Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund Projects

The Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund (GICEF) projects mainly contributed towards the GISI’s ‘Involving Communities, and Increasing Participation’ outcome. Projects were bespoke and specific to the communities they engaged with. Delivery of the GICEF was not prescriptive and supported community engagement projects that were designed from the bottom up, were locally relevant and were innovative to the area.

Priority was given to projects that involved groups working in the local area, who both knew and were invested in the communities which the project benefited. Our main target group were communities in deprived urban communities.

We want people to value, use and enjoy their greenspaces, and through this to feel happier, healthier and better connected to their communities. We expect this to lead to inequalities in health and opportunity being reduced, and an increase in how people value and understand what nature does for them. Green infrastructure can also help people develop skills and have the confidence to seek and sustain jobs.

Volunteers at the Cyrenians Community Garden at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. 

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