Fernbrae Meadows - active travel path network and wildflower meadows, ©Jim Jeffrey/SNH

Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention

We lead on the Scottish Government's Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention (GISI), part of the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme.  The aim of the ERDF is to invest in communities to help them to grow economic activity and employment. 


The Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention aims to improve Scotland’s urban environment by increasing and enhancing greenspace in our towns and cities, especially close to areas of multiple deprivation. This will make these areas more attractive for people to live and work in, and therefore attract jobs, businesses and further investment.

We are delivering 15 capital projects across Scotland that improve or create at least 140 hectares of urban green infrastructure, and 11 smaller community engagement projects where the focus is on working with people to help them make the most of their local greenspace.

The Importance of Green Infrastructure


Green Infrastructure can change urban areas in many ways, transforming towns and cities into more enjoyable, attractive places to live. It can also help us to adapt to climate change, mitigate flooding and improve air quality.