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Our projects will improve the quality of our urban fabric through investment in green infrastructure, based on an understanding of the way the urban environment works and the benefits it brings to people, and involving people in decisions about their environment. As well as the green infrastructure they create or improve, each project also contains a community engagement element.

Urban greenspaces or green connections can be thought of as “green infrastructure” because simple things like trees, greenspaces and watercourses, in addition to their ecological function, can provide valuable services to people. Improving green infrastructure enhances shelter, access and travel options, sustainable urban drainage, pollution mitigation and food production – as part of a wider urban ecosystem. Working in this way, our urban environment can host enhanced habitats for wildlife and create attractive places for people, which can in turn bring benefits for people’s health and well-being.

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Green Infrastructure Infographic - From Grey to Green
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People have opportunities to develop their skills. People love, use and value their green spaces. Space is created for nature. People understand what nature does for them. There is space for outdoor learning and play. People feel happier and better connected with others in the community. Gaps in health and opportunity are reduced. Businesses and jobs are attracted to the area.

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