Outdoor Learning in Nature Fund

The Outdoor Learning in Nature (OLiN) Fund is a competitive fund, with a budget of £600k that will run for 2 years. 

The Outdoor Learning in Nature Fund has now closed.

The £600,000 Outdoor Learning in Nature (OLIN) Fund launched in March with the aim of supporting more young people to have regular, frequent, structured and progressive outdoor learning experiences. Funding was awarded to 16 projects in the first round and a further seven projects in the second round, as follows: 


  • The Outdoor Learning Map - City of Edinburgh Council
  • Learning in Forests - Youth Vision
  • Learning in Edinburgh Local Greenspace - Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust
  • Grow and Learn in Nature - Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society


  • Dundee Learning in Nature - Arts and Communities Association


  • Southside Schools Digging into Nature - Urban Roots Initiative
  • Let Glasgow Flourish - RSPB Scotland

Round 2 - press release

Summaries of each project are included as funding agreements are finalised.

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Round 1 - press release

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