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Get involved as a volunteer at Forvie NNR. There are opportunities for species monitoring and practical estate tasks There are also opportunities for outdoor learning.




Why not join us as a volunteer at Forvie NNR?

There’s always a lot going on, and we would really value your help. You’ll get involved with a range of tasks – from maintenance to bird counts to engaging with visiting groups.

Additional activities in the busy spring and summer period include:

  • breeding bird wardening (including predation and disturbance monitoring)
  • butterfly monitoring
  • visitor surveys
  • electric fence maintenance
  • ragwort and invasive weed control
  • talking to visitors about the seal haul-out

We but try to be as flexible as possible and plan tasks when both volunteers and staff are available.

If you’re interested, please do get in touch.

Reserve management group

We have a reserve management group, called the Forvie Panel, made up of NatureScot staff, organisations with an interest in the reserve and representatives from the local community.

Outdoor learning

We’re keen to see Forvie NNR used for outdoor learning for all ages and will support visits whenever we can.

If you’re interested in bringing a school, college or university group to Forvie, please contact the reserve manager.


Please contact our reserve manager for more information about volunteering, the reserve management group or outdoor learning at Forvie NNR.

Reserve manager: Catriona Reid
Telephone: 01358 751330
Email: [email protected] 

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