Beinn Eighe NNR - 70th Anniversary Story Map

Beinn Eighe NNR was the first National Nature Reserve (NNR) in the UK, and the site was originally protected to conserve and restore the ancient pinewoods, as well as many other important habitats and species.

As Beinn Eighe has reached the significant milestone of being a NNR for 70 years, we have looked back at some of the changes to the woodlands over this time. 

Woodland Change Story Map

Scroll through and explore maps from 1950 and the present day, find out how the ancient woodland is expanding and what management we have done to restore the NNR. 

Mountain range
Left photo fixed point at Allt a Chuirn, Beinn Eighe NNR (c.1950) and right from 2019 in the same location

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You can also take a virtual tour of Beinn Eighe NNR to learn about the nature reserve and plan a visit.