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Peatland Action offers funding for suitable restoration projects in a range of peatland habitats. We have developed a suite of videos to help demonstrate best practice in key restoration techniques, and have a series of posters and leaflets that you may also be interested in.


Peatland Action videos, posters and leaflets

Bringing together peatland restoration know-how in a series of demonstration videos has been another big part of the project. See what practical lessons we’ve learned from setting up and running peatland projects across Scotland.


In this weeks short video we share a technique involved in experimental bunding to restore peatlands. 


Peatland ACTION - experimental bunding video


Peatland ACTION is restoring Scotland's peatlands.

In this short video we show you an experimental technique for bunding on peatlands.
Bunding is a technique used to raise the water table by preventing leakage at the edge of a bog with steep peat banks.


View the PeatlandACTION playlist on our YouTube channel for a full list of techniques (ditch blocking, bunding, reprofiling, and surface smoothing).


Case studies

Read highlights of the work Peatland ACTION are undertaking through the stories written by our Project Officers and partners in our series of themed case studies.

Or download our informative posters


Tool kits

Learn more about how to assess the health of peatlands using the Peatland Condition Assessment support tool

Guidance for Land Managers - Grazing Peatlands

Or discover more about peatlands in general, including their restoration, in the 15 minutes it takes to complete the Peatland Learning Module

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