SAC role

The role of the Committee is to provide scientific advice and expertise to our Board and staff.

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC):

  • advises our Board and staff on scientific and technical matters
  • reviews the quality of our research
  • advises on the scientific basis for the notification of any Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Scotland
  • contributes specialist knowledge and wider advice via working groups and individually

Some of the Committee’s tasks are to:

  • contribute to current SNH research and elements of the corporate plan
  • advise on novel and contentious projects proposed by e.g Scottish Government the Joint Nature Conservation Committee Support Unit (on request)
  • work with the Director of Policy and Advice to report to our Board and senior staff the findings of SNH research

Read more about the Roles and Responsibilities of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

The SAC Expert panel provides further scientific support to SNH and the SAC through advising on specific topic specialisms, and contributing to the peer review of research reports.

SAC members

View details about each of our Scientific Advisory Committee members.

Professor Robert Furness is the current Chair.

SAC meetings

The Committee meets at least twice a year – more often if required by the Chair and our Board. Meetings are open to the general public.

The Committee often creates subgroups to advise on specialist areas such as marine designations and wind farm developments.

Search for published meeting papers, including agendas, open session minutes and date of next meeting.

SAC member appointments

When positions on the Committee are available, we advertise them on our website.


Lynne Clark
Scientific Advisory Committee Coordinator
Scottish Natural Heritage
Great Glen House
Leachkin Road

Telephone: 01463 725 256
Email: [email protected]


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