A greener organisation

We’re a visibly low carbon organisation, leading the way towards a low carbon society to benefit Scotland’s nature and people.

NatureScot is working towards the Scottish Government’s vision for a Low Carbon Scotland

Working with others enables us deliver in our own operations, in how we manage land and in how we advise and support others, the actions required to build a Low Carbon Scotland.

Among others, we work closely with:

  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • Forestry Commission Scotland

We’re also actively involved in partnerships and groups such as:

Low carbon ambitions

Read about: A Vision of a Low Carbon NatureScot

Our vision sets out what NatureScot might look like as a low carbon organisation. We will develop all strategies, policies and processes with this vision in mind, to take us towards a low carbon future.

Our approach is also about finding the carbon benefits of those changes over which we have less control, and promoting environmentally friendly ways of working. We believe our staff, customers and partners expect nothing less from us.

Actions and targets

We’re reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • building greener offices such as Great Glen House and Golspie
  • co-locating with other public bodies
  • replacing heating systems and managing them better
  • using videoconferencing rather than travel to meetings
  • taking the train instead of driving
  • choosing sustainable goods and services
  • giving every unit manager an annual carbon budget
  • managing priority emissions reductions from our offices and work travel, using our Carbon Management Plan

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 introduced ambitious targets and legislation to reduce Scotland’s emissions by at least 80% by 2050.

Since 2000, NatureScot has been working to cut greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations by reducing our carbon footprint whilst running a modern business. So far, we’re on target.

We are consuming less energy, and using what we do consume in a smarter way – saving money, energy and waste.

We also consider climate change impacts – e.g. extreme weather events – in how we plan and manage our offices, visitor facilities and staff travel plans.

What’s next?

We continue to work with the Scottish Government and other public bodies to raise standards in environmental performance.

The Climate Change Act and Climate Change Delivery Plan: Meeting Scotland’s Statutory Climate Change Targets both help to define how we deliver efficient public services – carbon savings are often financial savings.

Annual climate change reports

We’ve been producing annual greening reports since 2000, some of which are available below. Each annual report includes the monthly environmental management data for the year, any useful supporting information and an overview of progress and constraints.

In 2015, the Scottish Government introduced the Climate Change (Duties of Public Bodies: Reporting Requirements) (Scotland) Order. This requires all 150 public bodies on the ‘Major Player’ list to report annually to Scottish Ministers on their compliance with the climate change duties. The first mandatory reports were submitted in November 2016.

Annual reports and analysis are now publicly available, increasing accountability and transparency, and making it easier for anyone to understand an organisation’s climate performance. You can view annual reports for all 150 public bodies – including NatureScot – in the Climate Change Reporting area of the Keep Scotland Beautiful website.

Annual reports up to 2014–15

Annual Climate Change Duties Report 2014–15

Annual Climate Change Duties Report 2013–14

Annual Climate Change Duties Report 2012–13

Greening and Carbon Management Annual Report 2011–12

Greening and Carbon Management Annual Report 2010–11

Environmental Management Programme 2009–10

Environmental Management Programme 2008–09

Environmental Management Programme 2007–08

Greening the Workplace 2006–07

Annual reports after 2015 are available on the Sustainable Scotland Network website.

More information

Read about our environmental performance in Carbon Trust reports:

View our statement of policy and practice on Sustainable Procurement in NatureScot.

See details of Renewable Energy Systems in NatureScot.


Ivana Curuvija
Greening Officer
Strathallan House
Castle Business Park

Telephone: 01786 435 358
Email: [email protected]

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