Nature Heroes - Lochhouses Farm

Robert Dale, Lochhouses Farm, East Lothian

Robert Dale works with nature on his 480ha East Lothian arable farm, with almost 40% committed to supporting nature and tackling climate change. The farm is host to a Site of Special Scientific Interest, with rolling fields, six ponds, wetland, woodland, improved and increased hedges, coastal grassland and wildflower margins around the arable fields.

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Robert manages the farm with the support of the Agri Environment and Climate Scheme. The AECS scheme has been invaluabe in funding key environmental benefits that Robert has brought to the land, including grass margins, water margins, species rich grasslands, wild bird seed grass strips and over-wintering stubbles. Robert is advised by the Scottish Farming and Wildlife Advisors Group (SCOTFWAG) and The Farm Environment.

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Lochhouses Farm - Project Highlights
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A series of 6 graphical tiles which highlight the good work of Robert Dale, Lochhouses Farm, East Lothian - 

  1. Since 2015, the Agri Environment and Climate Scheme (AECS) has invested £287m across Scotland
  2. AECS has supported 3,148 farmers, crofters, and land managers in Scotland
  3. About 20% of Scotland's agricultural land – 1.16 million ha - is being managed for nature and climate under the scheme
  4. Almost 40% of land at Lochhouses Farm is nature positive
  5. Robert leaves a 6-metre grass and wildflower margin around arable fields
  6. Curlews, shell duck, barn owls, insects and hares are among several species which benefit

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The Agri-Environment and Climate Scheme (AECS) has been running since 2015 and represents Scotland’s most important investment for securing environmental benefits from agricultural land. To date, a total of £287 million has been committed to 3,148 businesses to fund a range of activities that help to maintain and enhance our rich and varied natural environment. About 20% of Scotland's agricultural land is managed for biodiversity and climate change benefit under the scheme.

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