Local Biodiversity Partnerships

Discover how local authorities work with organisations to take action for nature and how this benefits you and your area.


Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnerships operate at the local authority level. They were set up in the UK following the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 in response to the UK becoming a signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Most local authorities work in partnership with both national environmental agencies and local biodiversity organisations to deliver local biodiversity action plans. Either the local authority employs a dedicated biodiversity officer or, as part of other posts in the local authority, an officer supports the partnership.

Partnerships tend to focus on the following three actions in relation to nature in the local area:

  • conservation
  • communication
  • education


Each partnership has a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) that identifies the habitats and species on which work will focus.

Browse the documentation on Local Biodiversity Action Plans, including a manual on how to prepare these plans and guidance on how to evaluate priorities and set targets.

Find out more about how NatureScot works with government and specifically with local government.

Your local partnership

Find out what your Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnership is doing to protect your area’s outstanding natural features and how this benefits you and your community:

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