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Renewable energy development

Our strategic approach to renewable energy guides development towards the locations and technologies best suited to Scotland’s nature and landscapes.

New bats guidance for wind farm development

New guidance is available regarding Bats and Onshore Wind Turbines: Survey, Assessment and Mitigation.  The guidance updates best practice information for developers and planners to ensure that onshore wind energy developments post minimal risk to bats.  We will be gathering feedback on the application of the new guidance early in 2020, to review how well it is working.


We consulted on draft guidance on how to assess repowering applications last year. The consultation responses and a summary of the consultation responses are now available.  Following the consultation and taking account of the responses received, we have changed our view on identifying the baseline for assessment.  We are currently working through the implications of this for the rest of the guidance and we hope to share a revised version soon.

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