Renewable energy development

Our strategic approach to renewable energy guides development towards the locations and technologies best suited to Scotland’s nature and landscapes.


We are developing new guidance on how to assess repowering applications.  Please see the consultation draft and send us your comments by the 31st of August.  We've also included some frequently asked questions to help explain our approach.

We strongly support renewable energy as a substitute for fossil fuels. But we must strike a balance between its benefits and its effects on the natural heritage. Supporting greater energy efficiency and reduced energy demand is important too.

Developers must consider the natural heritage from the very outset when proposing a renewable energy development. We can advise on a proposal’s impacts, site selection and assessment requirements, and comment on the planning application.

We also offer guidance on how to design and locate all types of renewable energy schemes to avoid or mitigate impacts on our nature and landscapes. For wind farm proposals, we also set out visual representation standards, which apply to Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments.