European Landscape Convention

This Council of Europe initiative highlights the importance of all landscapes and encourages greater input to their care and planning.

The UK signed up to the European Landscape Convention in 2006, and it now provides a framework for our work for Scotland’s landscapes.

View our video about the European Landscape Convention’s approach on our YouTube channel:

The approach is based on the five principles listed below.

  1. Our landscape: People lie at the heart of efforts for landscape, as we all share an interest in, and responsibility for, its well-being.
  2. All landscapes: The landscape is important everywhere, not just in special places nor simply where beautiful or degraded.
  3. Changing landscapes: Landscapes will continue to evolve in response to our needs, but this change needs to be managed.
  4. Understanding landscapes: Better awareness and understanding of our landscapes and the benefits they provide is required.
  5. Tomorrow’s landscapes: An inclusive, integrated and forward-looking approach is required to manage the landscapes we’ve inherited and to shape new ones.

Read in detail about the European Landscape Convention on the Council of Europe website.