Scotland's Landscape Monitoring Programme

This national programme will monitor Scotland’s changing landscapes and how people respond to landscape change.

Scotland’s landscapes are constantly changing. Scotland’s Landscape Monitoring Programme will help us assess how they’re changing. It will also let us spot important trends in how people respond to landscapes.

How it works

This is a national programme. Scotland's landscapes are diverse, and we are working with several partners to cover the most relevant and practicable issues.

The aim is to monitor landscape change in a way that is practical and relevant. To achieve that, we're reviewing and bringing together existing and new data and results from pilot projects. We also held a workshop with our partners in 2014.

The indicators

Landscape indicators are at the heart of the programme.  They are grouped into four themes:

  • Landscape qualities
  • Public perception
  • Land cover
  • Built development

The first indicators were published in spring 2017.  Keep and eye out for more on the way.

Landscape qualities

Public perceptions

Land cover

Built development

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