Bracken is our most widespread large fern species, covering large areas of Scotland’s moors and uplands.

Bracken Control – Update on Emergency Authorisation for Asulam

We now have clarification that the additional application for an Emergency Authorisation (EA) to allow the use of Asulam for some ground-based control of bracken from 1st July to 14th September 2020 has been approved:   EA Approval 1570/2020

The key points are:

  • The earlier EA Approval for aerial applications remains in force (EA approval 0765/2020)
  • For aerial applications, the width of the buffer zone to protect surface water bodies will remain at the increased width of 90m.
  • Ground-based application of asulam has only been re-instated on land designated for nature conservation or that is covered by an agri-environment scheme. Please note, for AECS it is only the land included within the agreed Bracken Control Plan in your contract that is covered and not the wider landholding.
  • Ground-based use during the establishment phase of forestry is approved
  • As in previous years, all land managers using Asulam must adhere to a 1-month livestock exclusion restriction after the product has been sprayed. This is to avoid potential maximum residue limit (MRL) exceedances when placing produce into the food chain.  Please note this year you must also keep a record indicating that you have kept animals out of the area (and thus prevented grazing) for 1 month after spraying.  The BCG website has an Asulam Application Records form you should complete to record all information required.

Full details are available on the Bracken Control Group (BCG) website. We strongly recommend that anyone undertaking bracken control this year refers to the website.

Protection of bracken

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