Bracken is our most widespread large fern species, covering large areas of Scotland’s moors and uplands.

Bracken Control – Update on Emergency Authorisation for Asulam

The Emergency Authorisation (EA) to allow the use of Asulam for aerial applications and some ground-based control of bracken in the 2021 season has been approved.   

Key points to note:

  • For aerial applications, the width of the no-spray buffer zone to protect surface water bodies will remain at the increased width of 90m.
  • Ground-based application is authorised but restricted to areas included in a Bracken Control Plan in AECS or on designated sites, where NatureScot has consented to the work. Full details are in the Authorisation document.
  • As in previous years, all land managers using Asulam must adhere to a 1-month livestock exclusion restriction after the product has been sprayed. This is to avoid potential maximum residue limit (MRL) exceedances when placing produce into the food chain. 
  • For every site using Asulam this season, there is a requirement to complete an Asulam Application Record

The EA approval document contains data requirements that must be submitted to the regulator, the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) of the HSE. UPL, who manufacture Asulam, will be distributing information with the product, alongside a recording form. This form MUST be completed for every site where bracken control with Asulam is being undertaken this year. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Use the online form. This is the preferred method to provide the information, as it is loaded straight into a spreadsheet.
  2. Word version that can be completed on a PC / Mac computer (but not on a tablet) and returned as an e-mail attachment to [email protected]

Further information is available on the Bracken Control Group website, which provides updates, guidance and also lists bracken control contractors.

The support of everyone who applies Asulam to provide this information is essential. The provision of this information to CRD is a prerequisite to securing the future use of Asulam for bracken control.

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