Nature Heroes - Ben Wyvis National Nature Reserve and River Peffery

A peatland and catchment restoration

The Ben Wyvis peatland restoration project is focused on returning 227ha of peat bog to good condition, locking carbon in species rich habitats. Yet, this partnership project goes further. The adjacent River Peffery Restoration Project led by local farmer Richard Lockett will re-meander the river, plant trees and create floodplain habitats. This large catchment effort will lower the risk of flooding in Dingwall.

If we are to hit net zero carbon emissions targets by 2045 and restore biodiversity in Scotland, large scale partnership projects like this will be essential.

Ben Wyvis tiles
Ben Wyvis NNR and River Peffery - Project Highlights
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  • 80% of Scotland’s 1.8mn ha of peatland is drying out, emitting around 7mtCO2 every year
  • NatureScot Peatland Action has rewetted more than 43,000ha of peatland since 2012
  • Scottish Government has set a target of restoring 250,000ha by 2030, with £250mn support
  • Restoration work at Ben Wyvis is returning 227ha of peatland to good condition
  • Local contractor Albamontane, employing nine people, carried out the restoration work at Ben Wyvis
  • The summit to sea partnership will help lower flood risk in Dingwall

The restoration of peat bogs at NatureScot’s Ben Wyvis National Nature Reserve (NNR), along with woodland management by Forestry and Land Scotland next to the NNR, is supported through the NatureScot Peatland ACTION fund. The River Peffery Restoration Project is delivered by local farmer Richard Lockett, funded by the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund.

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