Green Infrastructure Project Updates

Magnificent meadow makers

9 August 2022 - Good urban greenspaces serve nature and people equally well. Had you visited Fernbrae Meadows a few years ago you would have found yourself standing on a derelict golf course which was neither delivering for people or nature. How things change. Fast forward to 2022 and you find yourself in the midst of a fabulous urban park. In the intervening period thanks to funding including the Green Infrastructure Fund, an astonishing transformation has taken place.

09 Aug, 2022

Going the extra mile

29 June 2022 - Sometimes it pays to have bold ambitions. Back in 2009 the local community around Toryglen began work with Urban Roots to manage Malls Mire woodlands. It was a partnership that thrived – by 2015 the site had gained Local Nature Reserve status – and they could have settled for that. But ambition had taken hold, and the next step was to transform the wider, near derelict site, into a community asset. A few weeks ago the stunning £3.3m Malls Mire Park opened, revealing a fantastic transformation.

29 Jun, 2022

Seizing the moment

21 June 2022 - It’s all very well and good to make plans, but sometimes in life you have to be prepared to change direction. That’s certainly been the case at Melfort Park, the site of the former St Eunan’s Primary School. When the old school was demolished the expectation was that new housing would rise from the rubble. However, the revelation that the site was contaminated and unsuitable for development forced a change of plan. And what a positive change it turned out to be.

21 Jun, 2022

In conversation with…Lorna Cole of SRUC, and Gill Smart of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, working together on Garnock’s Buzzing

12 October 2021 - Since the end of the Second World War it is reckoned that we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows. As a result we are losing the joy of seeing an explosion of colour during the summer months, and leaving some of our most precious bees, and other pollinators short on food and habitat. Through the Garnock’s Buzzing project we aim to do our bit to change this and make the Garnock Connections landscape a haven for pollinators.

04 Aug, 2021