The Scottish Fossil Code

Scotland’s world-class fossil heritage is an important resource, which we must protect for future generations. Anyone keen to collect fossils should first read the Scottish Fossil Code.

This booklet sets out the full Scottish Fossil Code, which has five sections.

Part 1: provides an introduction to fossils and the fossil heritage of Scotland;

Part 2: is the core of the code and is relevant to everyone thinking about collecting fossils - whether amateur, academic or commercial;

Part 3: supplementary best practice and guidance for specialist and other groups involved in Scotland’s fossil heritage - including commercial collectors and dealers, researchers, land managers, quarry operators and developers;

Part 4: provides information and advice to museum and other public collections on donating specimens.

Part 5: lists supporting and further information including a simplified geological map of Scotland, a geological timescale and a list of Scottish museums with substantial collections of Scottish fossils.

Pages: 58
Published: 2008

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