Protecting our geodiversity

We promote the conservation and enhancement of Scotland’s world-class geodiversity as an integral part of managing our natural heritage.

NatureScot raises awareness of our geodiversity and works with others to ensure that pressures on geodiversity are recognised and dealt with appropriately. Geodiversity features are irreplaceable assets that exist in a variety of forms, from rock exposures to landscapes shaped by ice.

Scotland’s geodiversity is safeguarded in protected areas and Geological Conservation Review sites and through local geodiversity action plan activities. Safeguarding geodiversity often helps to conserve the biodiversity that depends upon it.

We also promote ways to conserve, enhance and manage geodiversity beyond designated sites.

Codes for researchers and collectors set out how to act responsibly when doing fieldwork or sampling, coring or collecting in Scotland. All who use our rich geodiversity resource must do so with care to ensure its survival for future generations.

Our geodiversity forms the foundation of our ecosystems and also provides Scotland’s people with vital benefits and services. Signatories of Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter pledge to ensure that our geodiversity is considered and conserved, and can continue to provide these benefits.

Everyone can help to protect Scotland's Geodiversity and benefit from it. Site owners, museums and universities, planners, quarry and landfill operators, scientists, teachers and the general public can all get involved.

Read our Guidance on collecting geological samples from Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Scotland.

Further information

Standing advice and guidance for forestry and woodland planning - Geological Conservation Review Sites and Earth Science SSSIs

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