Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter

Scotland’s geodiversity is an integral and vital part of our environment, economy, heritage and future sustainable development to be managed appropriately, and safeguarded, for this and future generations.

Scotland’s geodiversity is a national asset that provides essential geosystem and ecosystem services which have value to our economy, biodiversity, health and wellbeing as well as our cultural development. Charter signatories share a common vision that our geodiversity is actively considered, celebrated, safeguarded, and managed appropriately to the benefit of all.

The Charter was developed in 2012 by the then Scottish Geodiversity Forum in partnership with the British Geological Survey, NatureScot and other stakeholders with an interest in raising awareness and understanding of the role and value of Scotland’s Geodiversity. It was refreshed and relaunched in 2017.

Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter is supported by the Scottish Government and is currently hosted by NatureScot.

Signatories commit to maintain, promote and enhance geodiversity as an integral part of nature, recognising its contribution to:

  • Scotland's remarkable geoheritage
  • historical and cultural development, intellectual growth and creative expression
  • sustainable economic development and essential benefits for society
  • supporting biodiversity and addressing biodiversity loss
  • helping us understand Earth's history and providing knowledge that will help society to mitigate and adapt to climate change and sea level rise
  • public health, quality of life, national well-being and reconnecting people with nature

Read Scotland's Geodiversity Charter.

An invitation to get involved:

Everyone is invited to get involved and commit to celebrating the intrinsic value of our geodiversity, improve our understanding of the range of vital geosystem services it provides, and to promote wise management of these services. Those involved, and are signatories of the Charter, include:

  • Individuals
  • Communities
  • Land managers
  • Developers
  • Local Authorities
  • Public bodies
  • Non-governmental organisations

Charter signatories demonstrate concern and responsibility for Scotland’s geodiversity. Signatory cooperative spirit is a practical expression of the value that we place in Scotland’s geodiversity.

Become a Signatory to Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter

By signing the Charter you recognise the role and value of Scotland’s geodiversity, and support the promotion of geosystem goods and services. Signatories agree to champion the appropriate management and safeguard of Scotland’s geodiversity, for this and future generations, putting into practice the Charter’s suggested actions.

To sign the Charter, email [email protected] to tell us that you support the Charter’s vision and are committed to its actions.

Renewing the Charter

The Charter was designed to be time-limited. This approach accommodates periodic refocussing of the Charter to address additional needs and fresh challenges. The Charter is due for renewal and so it’s time to take stock, record achievement and move forward with a refocussed vision for the late 2020’s.

There is growing recognition that our geodiversity has role in helping, among many other things, to deliver for biodiversity and help mitigated the effects of climate change. The Charter, for 2024-2030, therefore has a role in helping to address the nature and climate emergencies.

If you wish to comment and take part in the conversation that will drive Charter renewal then get in touch, email: [email protected].

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