Ranger led school group at the Eden Estuary LNR, Fife.©Lorne Gill/SNH

Plunge In! Coasts and Waters Community Fund

Funding decisions have been made for the YCW Plunge In!  Community Fund and 26 applicants have been advised of the provisional approval of their projects.

Due to the restrictions in place as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, discussions are currently taking place with the successful applicants to determine the impact on their projects. Details of the projects which will be awarded funding will be provided in due course, once these discussions have concluded.

YCW Travel Grants have been suspended as a result of the current restrictions.  Applicants meeting the fund eligibility criteria may have an opportunity to deliver activities later in the year.

For any enquiries, contact [email protected]

For information on how we can offer support to those we fund, see our Funding page.