Demonstrating the links

This two-year programme of community-led action research set out to examine how a community’s greenspaces affect its quality of life.

‘Action research’ is often defined as research done of and by a particular group of people, rather than on and to them. Its aim is to increase understanding and achieve change.

The Demonstrating the links action research programme involved eight community groups across Scotland. Each was supported to design and deliver a local research project to explore the impact of its own community greenspaces.

The programme showed how greenspace contributes to:

  • health and well-being
  • safer and stronger communities
  • community regeneration and capacity building
  • connecting communities with biodiversity and climate change issues

NatureScot helped to fund the programme, which was run by greenspace scotland and the Scottish Community Development Centre.

Read more about Demonstrating the links, including research reports, on the greenspace scotland website.

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