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North Ayrshire Green Health Partnership

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Main aims and partners 

The main partners in the North Ayrshire Green Health Partnership are TCV (The Conservation Volunteers), KA Leisure and NHS Ayrshire and Arran. However, the wider partnership draws on expertise and experience from a range of partners across health, social care and environment sectors.

The partnership aims to integrate green health activities into formal referral processes. We will do this by mapping out and reviewing existing green health programmes, sourcing funding to set up new green health opportunities, supporting groups to develop skills and build capacity and integrating these activities and opportunities into existing health referral systems.

Related projects

Green Health Development Fund - The fund has been made available to allow community groups to deliver green health project within their community. £30,000 is available each year, £5,000 for each of the six localities. In 2018 the funds were allocated alongside North Ayrshire Council’s participatory budgeting fund.

Key source of local Green Health information -

Volunteering opportunities can be found at The Ayrshire Community Trust (TACT)

Details of local services, activities, clubs and support can also be found at CareNA

Follow us on Twitter @NAGreenHealth

Key contact

Rebecca Strofton – Team Leader, North Ayrshire Green Health Partnership





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