Green health projects

Many of Scotland’s wide range of green health projects are the result of partnerships between health and environment sector organisations.

Nationwide programmes

Health Walks

Paths for All, through its Walking for Health initiative supports the setting up of Health Walks groups and the training of local volunteers to lead targeted walks. Communities and workplaces can also access Paths for All advice, grants and pedometer packs to get people moving.

Green Gyms

Getting involved in conservation projects is another way to reap the benefits of green health – and help the environment. TCV Scotland can help you to start a Green Gym™ which can deliver health benefits by getting communities to manage local greenspace.

Find out how else TCV Scotland can help communities to feel good

Medal Routes

Medal Routes is a Ramblers Scotland initiative to encourage people to walk more. Scotland has 700-plus Medal Routes, each of which starts and ends at a local ‘walking hub’. Each hub has three routes, designed to encourage people to progress from Bronze (15 minutes to complete) to Silver (30 min) to Gold (60 min).

Better access to information

Three pilot projects tested how healthcare facilities could improve access to information on local green health resources for people with health issues. Read our summary of the Borders, Dundee and Lanarkshire pilots and the key lessons learned: Pilot projects exploring ways to improve access to green health information via healthcare facilities

Green health case studies

There are projects across Scotland to help people engage in green health for its health benefits. To inspire more action, we’ve prepared a range of local and regional case studies.

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