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Denise Walton and her family farm with nature on the Berwickshire coast. Their focus on Peelham Farm is to enrich biodiversity so that their 670 acres can stand up to the challenges of climate change. Grassland and soil management continue to improve resilience and productivity below ground. Denise manages a herd of Organic and Pasture for Life Aberdeen Angus by moving the cows every three days onto refreshed 10-acre pastures. It is this herd management which has delivered soil and grassland improvements on the farm.

Soil analysis on the farm reveals average organic matter content of 7.97%, whereas most farms in the UK range from 1% to 7%.

Denise has also invested in habitat creation on the farm. This includes the planting of 14km of hedgerows, made up of nine native species. The Waltons have also planted new woodland and created new ponds.

Peelham Farm - tiles
Peelham Farm - Project Highlights
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A series of 6 graphical tiles which highlight Agri Environment Climate Scheme benefits at Peelham Farm:

  • More organic matter in soils can hold more water, lowering damaging runoff
  • Peelham Farm has planted 14km of hedgerow and will be planting another 3kms
  • The farm has planted twelve hectares of woodland
  • Peelham has created five new ponds
  • Wildlife has benefited with surveys finding rare moths and butterflies including the pearl bordered fritillary butterfly, corn bunting and linnet among many others
  • About 20% of Scotland's agricultural land – 1.16 million ha - is being managed for nature and climate under Agri Environment Climate Scheme

Denise Walton’s efforts to enhance biodiversity and improve soil health have been supported by the Scottish Government’s Agri Environment Climate Scheme and the £65 million Nature Restoration Fund.

Denise Walton sitting down in field looking at flowers. copyright Denise Walton/Peelham Farm

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