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Climate change brings new species to Scotland. Many of these are so new, they don’t have Gaelic names – until now. From The Bird’s Mouth sets out to maintain Gaelic’s rich cultural link with Scotland’s evolving ecology. Through a process of research and consultation, with advice from scientists, researchers and Gaelic writers, it has given Gaelic names to some of these colonisers, and tells their story through written word, art and poetry. 

The project has proposed 43 Gaelic names for species including plants, birds, butterflies, marine life, slugs and even snow-bed algae. 

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Bird's Mouth - English Highlights
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A series of 6 graphical tiles.

  • 43 species new to Scotland given a Gaelic name
  • There have been 129 lines of new Gaelic poetry written to reflect Scotland’s new nature
  • Dualchas captures the intrinsic bonds between our nature, land and people carried through the generations
  • Surf scoter – Lach-dhubh tuinne (“black duck of the wave”)
  • Muntjac deer – Fiadh-comhartaich (“barking deer”)
  • Common rosefinch – Deargan-drise (“little red one of the brier”)

The project is a collaboration between award-winning wildlife artist Derek Robertson, bàrd Rody Gorman, and NatureScot. It has in part been funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and supported by over thirty advisors and organisations including the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, National Museums Scotland, Buglife and Stòrlann.

Nature Heroes


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