A common starfish on jewel anemones

Community-led Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Handbook

Working with communities and groups, we have developed Scotland’s first “how to” guide for community-led marine biodiversity survey and monitoring.

The Community-led Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Handbook includes an introduction to marine survey in Scotland, equipment requirements, survey methods, and survey data forms to record all the marine life from your local coasts and waters.

The Handbook aims to:

  • Help you plan and prepare for a marine survey
  • Provide a range of survey methods for you to follow with something for everyone – from complete beginners to experts!
  • Help you collect marine biodiversity data in a consistent format that is scientifically useful
  • Improve your chances of seeing and recording marine life

For enquires, contact [email protected]

We would like to thank all the organisations, communities and individuals who helped us prepare the handbook and the William Grant Foundation for project funding.

Please read more about the Community-led Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Project.

The project handbook was finalised and printed prior to SNH’s decision to delay a planned rebrand to NatureScot, originally scheduled for 01 May 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new branding has been retained in anticipation of the forthcoming go-live of the NatureScot brand.

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