Peatland ACTION Project

Delivering peatland restoration across Scotland.


Peatland ACTION is a national programme to restore peatlands across Scotland. It is led and funded by Scottish Government and delivered in partnership with NatureScot & supporting agents; the National Park Authorities (Cairngorms and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs), Scottish Water, and Forestry & Land Scotland.  

Peatlands in good health are valuable carbon stores and have many benefits for people and nature.

In February 2020, the Scottish Government announced a substantial, multi-annual investment in peatland restoration of more than £250 million up to 2030. Restoring peatlands is one of the most effective ways of locking in carbon; offering a clear nature-based solution to both the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

Peatland restoration plays a key role in Scotland’s green recovery and is helping deliver a just transition to net-zero by supporting the rural economy through the creation and development of land-based jobs and skills across Scotland.

Peatland ACTION Funding

Peatland ACTION funding - from Scottish Government - primarily supports on-the-ground peatland restoration activities and is open for applications from eligible land managers who have peatlands that would benefit from restoration. There are no geographical restrictions or target areas for Peatland ACTION funding.

Find out more about what we fund and whether your proposed restoration activities meet the fund’s outcome and eligibility requirements. 

How to Apply

We offer a rolling programme where applications can be submitted at any time of the year.

We recommend that you apply 12 weeks before your intended start date, this is to allow time for us to complete our assessment and decision making in good time for you to start your project.

If you plan to commence works in autumn, after the breeding bird season, we suggest applications are submitted during May and June.

Where appropriate, we also make multi-year offers for large-scale projects.

If you are interested in developing peatland restoration projects please contact us at [email protected] our Project Officers will support you to develop your project, help you understand the Peatland ACTION Fund and assist you to complete your application and supporting information. 

The Peatland ACTION team are here to help - how best to contact us

Peatland ACTION / NatureScot

  • [email protected]
    To speak to one of our local Project Officers about your proposed restoration project, including getting a peat depth and peatland condition survey completed, spatial data requirements or if you are interested in a feasibility study.
  • [email protected]
    To submit your application, progress reports and claim forms, or to request changes to your project.  You can also get advice on procurement for your project.
  • [email protected]
    For a copy of the Peatland Action Monitoring Strategy, and for technical spatial data advice
  • [email protected]
    For all media enquiries and to discuss your project communications materials
  • [email protected]
    To register your interest or reserve a space on future peatland restoration training events

PeatlandACTION / National Park Authorities

If your project is located within either of Scotland’s National Parks you should contact the relevant national park to discuss your proposals: 

Find out more

Scottish Government blog (published July 2020)
Public consultation news release on new draft strategy for peatlands in Caithness and Sutherland

Peatland ACTION - Ditch blocking video
Click for a full description

A short video explaining the techniques for ditch blocking on peatlands.

Peat dams from 0.34 second to 1 minute 47 seconds

Plastic piling from around 1 minute 47 seconds onwards