Birds - Licence forms and guidance documents (preventing serious damage, preserving public health and safety & air safety)

If you can’t find the relevant forms or guidance below for what you want to do, please see our licensing or protected species pages for further information on what needs a licence and how to apply.

Licence returns

If there isn’t a return form below for your licence, please email [email protected] with the information as requested on the conditions of your licence.

Licence amendments and renewals

If you wish to amend or renew an existing or expired licence, please email [email protected] with the changes to be made or details of the renewal, quoting the licence number.  Please ensure that you have provided any required licence return before requesting a licence renewal.

Forms and guidance

Licence application form - to kill geese to prevent serious damage to crops

Licence application form - to kill ravens

Licence application form - to take or kill birds to preserve air safety

Licence application form - to take or kill birds, their nests or eggs

Licence application form - Control of predators

Licence application form - Fish-eating birds

Licence return form - pest controller public health and safety

Guidance – general licences for birds

Guidance – gull management plans

Guidance - control of predatory birds to conserve wild birds

Guidance - fish-eating bird licence applications

Guidance – data protection notice



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