Volunteer in the outdoors

Volunteering in the outdoors is a great way to make a difference, gain skills, meet people – and get a workout.

Plenty of organisations would love to have your help. Perhaps you can spare an hour fortnightly or maybe you’d like to spend a week on a working holiday.

You could join a local group – or even start one – to improve greenspace and paths close to home. Or travel to some of Scotland’s wildest places to maintain and repair trails and work on projects to enhance habitats for wildlife.

Learn more about how to volunteer with NatureScot.

You can search for conservation and gardening opportunities on the Volunteer Scotland website. Or, have a look at our list of organisations that offer environmental volunteering opportunities in Scotland.

Make Your Mark

NatureScot is proud of to be a part of Make Your Mark an inclusive volunteering campaign, which aims to increase the number and diversity of heritage volunteers in Scotland.

For volunteers, Make Your Mark is a volunteering portal that will connect you with organisations that care for Scotland’s places, nature, history and culture. By volunteering, you can discover Scotland's stories, care for local places, take action for climate and nature, connect with likeminded people, learn new skills, network with staff and get behind-the-scenes access.

For Scottish heritage organisations, Make Your Mark supports volunteer-involving heritage organisations in Scotland by:

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Scotland's National Nature Reserves - visiting and volunteering for each reserve


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