Where do we go from here? A post-COP26 discussion with Debbie Bassett and Eileen Stuart

Debbie Bassett, NatureScot’s Climate Change and COP Coordinator, returns to our podcast series, along with Eileen Stuart, NatureScot’s Deputy Director of Nature & Climate Change, to give us a post-COP26 roundup. 

We hear what it was like to be on the ground at the event held in Glasgow last month, and how nature-based solutions to climate change are a huge focus for many of the attendees. Debbie and Eileen also provide an insight into discussions they had with other delegates from around the world, and share some of their most memorable moments from the conference.

As well as encouraging us all to get outdoors as often as we can, they also provide ways they manage to make more space for nature in their lives. A few ideas we could all copy!

Recorded: November 2021


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