Scotland’s Biodiversity Progress to 2020 Aichi Targets: Conserving Genetic Diversity – Development of a national approach for addressing Aichi Biodiversity Target 13 that includes wild species

This report outlines a national approach for the conservation of genetic diversity suited to Scotland and applicable internationally. To achieve this, we have identified a set of criteria for defining terrestrial and freshwater species of socio-economic importance in Scotland, and selected an initial list of 26 species.

This list includes species of importance using the following criteria: 

  • National conservation priority wild species;
  • Species of national cultural importance;
  • Species providing key ecosystem services;
  • Species of importance for wild harvesting (food and medicine);
  • Economically important game species.

Its application is not restricted to Aichi Target 13 as the approach is designed as a generic scorecard for genetic diversity. It is thus relevant to post-2020 Convention on Biological Diversity targets focusing on genetic diversity.

See also Scotland's Biodiversity Progress to 2020 Aichi Targets – Aichi Biodiversity Target 13 supplementary report.

Pages: 38
Published: 2020

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