The Species Action Framework Handbook

This fully illustrated handbook describes the work of the Species Action Framework (SAF) in Scotland.

SAF marked a new approach to species conservation and management. Resources were directed at strategically planned and targeted management action for just 32 species – with the aim of having a wider biodiversity benefit.

Four categories were adopted for brigading species:

  • species conservation – e.g. Scottish Beaver Trial, Cairngorms Wildcat Project, East Scotland Sea Eagles, Cairngorms Rare Plants Project
  • invasive non-native species – e.g. Scottish Mink Initiative, plus work on rhododendron and New Zealand pygmyweed
  • conflicts of interest involving native species
  • sustainable use of species

This handbook details the knowledge and experience gained during the SAF programme of work, and gives updates of action taken since SAF ended. Targeted management for species conservation and for invasive non-native species control was the focus of much of the work.

Practitioners, especially, can use the handbook to help bring about enduring benefits for the 32 species it features – and, in turn, for other wildlife.

NatureScot ran SAF. It relied on the involvement and leadership of about 100 partner organisations.

Published: 2016
Pages: 387

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