Transport and other infrastructure

Find guidance and advice on planning and managing transport infrastructure to benefit biodiversity.

Designing transport infrastructure to benefit biodiversity

Our transport infrastructure and the land that surrounds it can provide valuable habitats for wildlife, and even some open space for recreation (e.g. along disused railway lines).

Roads and railway lines often create natural corridors through otherwise intensively managed or developed areas. With a bit of careful thought on layout, design and management, such transport infrastructure can be used to the benefit of biodiversity and the people using them.

For example, road verge vegetation can be managed to retain or enhance natural flora, roundabouts can be planted with native species, new roads can be designed to avoid or mitigate cutting off pathways for animals, such as badgers and otters.

Read the following guidance on different aspects of the management of transport and infrastructure projects for the benefit of biodiversity. Discover more about landscapes and transport

Planning considerations

Managing habitats around infrastructure

Managing species around infrastructure

For more information, see managing habitats for particular species.

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