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Deep purple flower with NatureScot's logo

NatureScot rebrand


Introducing NatureScot's rebranding style and highlights some of the work undertaken by the organisation, particularly regarding Nature-Based Solutions and the contribution these solutions can make towards Scotland's Green Recovery.

The NatureScot brand will help position our organisation at the forefront of the Scottish Government’s biodiversity policy and ensure that the focus is on ‘nature’.

Our brand is bold, unambiguous, unpretentious and recognisable.

NatureScot’s purpose and goal

NatureScot is Scotland’s nature agency with 30 years’ experience advising the Scottish Government. We work to enhance our natural environment and inspire the people of Scotland to care more about it. We will be indispensable to Scotland’s ‘green recovery’ from Covid-19, stimulating a revival that secures resilience through a nature-rich future for Scotland and an effective response to the climate emergency. This means that by 2030, Scotland will be recognised as a world leader in looking after and enhancing nature.

NatureScot believes that a nature-rich future, where everyone is involved, will make us all happier, healthier, wealthier and more equal. That means that as Scotland recovers from Covid-19, our natural world will be at the heart of the nation’s well-being.  NatureScot’s response will focus on connecting people and nature, and tackling biodiversity loss and the climate emergency with large and small scale nature-based solutions. Working in partnership, these solutions must be bold, innovative, for everyone, built on sound science, entirely ethical and drivers of green economic growth.

Connecting people and nature

Restoring and growing Scotland’s biodiversity starts with us all. NatureScot will strengthen our understanding and connection to Scotland’s natural environment, focusing on the diversity of nature where we live, work, visit, heal and play. NatureScot will work with partners to make that connection with nature, triggering a decade of ecological growth – and widespread joy in the wonders of the natural world – from the mountain tops to our coasts and seas, from our urban landscapes to the most remote parts of Scotland, from window boxes, gardens and parks, to our lochs and glens.

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