Sector advice

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Local authorities and planning authorities

Interim guidance for local authorities (2023)

This guidance provided initial steer regarding what to expect for Nature Networks for Local Authorities before the Nature Network Framework was published.

Planning authorities and Nature Networks

To help tackle the nature emergency, the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4), along with the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy to 2045, sets out an expectation that Nature Networks will be created in every council area in Scotland.  

This guidance aims to help planning authorities apply the requirements of NPF4 for Nature Networks into Local Development Plans (LDPs).

Nature Restoration Fund - Supporting information for Local Authorities

The Scottish Government has provided Local Authorities with £5 million capital funding for Nature Networks. Local Authorities should use the Nature Networks Framework, along with the following supporting information in their allocation of this money.

Decision support tools

Local authorities have been tasked with spatially identifying their Nature Networks. There are a number of data sources and decision support tools available to assist local authorities in starting to explore where Nature Networks could go. One such tool, which local authorities will have free access to until Oct 2025 is the Nature Networks Tool being developed by AECOM

Updated Local Nature Conservation Site guidance

Aimed at local authorities, LNCS partnerships, Local Biodiversity Action Plan partners, eNGOs, developers, planners and ecologists, the guidance reiterates that LNCS can make a significant contribution to local nature networks and building a nature-positive future improving the health and resilience of ecosystems, people and communities.

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