Urban habitats

Urban greenspace and green networks support varied wildlife and give people ways to enjoy nature close to cities and towns. ​

Most people in Scotland live in our cities and towns. Yet urban greenspace makes it easy to connect with nature right on the doorstep.

Urban greenspace includes gardens and sports grounds, parks and play areas – and everything in-between. Enjoying the outdoors even in our built-up areas is simple with such a range of green places dotted around neighbourhoods. The variety of habitats and ecosystems benefits the local wildlife too.

Green networks offer yet more ways to get active in the outdoors and soak up natural surroundings. These safe, off-road routes connect settlements to greenspace, other local amenities and the wider countryside. NatureScot is heavily involved in helping the Central Scotland Green Network to take shape.

The steps needed to create a green network can tackle habitat fragmentation at the same time. So green networks can be just as good news for Scotland’s biodiversity as they are for the population’s health and well-being.

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