Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund Project Updates

Onwards Orkney

13 April 2022 - Nowhere in northern Europe has as many extraordinary monuments as Orkney. Mesolithic, Neolithic and Norse periods are all covered in an impressive array of fascinating sites. Chambered cairns, standing stones, brochs and ancient settlements are dotted across these green, fertile islands like stone-built gems. Now a stunning new project is set to improve access to more intriguing Orkney heritage by creating dedicated trails and routes which will open up less well-known history sites.


Celebrating history and community in Strathnaver

12 January 2022 - Strathnaver is a place name which resonates in Scottish history. It’s almost synonymous with the Highland Clearances. However, Strathnaver Museum captures in fine detail history ranging from the Bronze Age through to the present day. Now a project to carry out substantial refurbishment of the museum building, and create an annex to house agricultural exhibits, will open up this fascinating area of north-west Sutherland to yet more eager visitors whilst cementing its role in the local community.

04 Aug, 2021