Visit Hermaness National Nature Reserve

Visit Hermaness National Nature Reserve (NNR) in summer to come face to face with more than 100,000 breeding birds. There are 15 species to spot – from gannets and guillemots to razorbills and shags – at Britain’s most northerly point.

The incredible gneiss cliffs on Unst, in Shetland, tower up to 170m above the sea. As you approach them across the moorland, you’ll hear the nesting birds long before you see them. But you should prepare yourself for an unforgettable sight.

Gannets alone number about 30,000 pairs, making this one of the UK’s top six breeding sites for this massive, elegant bird. Five per cent of Britain’s entire puffin population nests here – some 25,000 pairs. Hermaness NNR is also home to the world’s third largest colony of great skuas.

Find out more about visiting Hermaness NNR in this leaflet, including how to reach the site on Unst.

Published: 2018

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