Nature Networks Toolbox



The Nature Networks Toolbox is a live resource for local authorities, partnerships, organisations, and groups. 

The aim is to facilitate the effective design and implementation of Nature Networks at the local and regional level and support strong alignment in approaches across Scotland.  

The Toolbox will evolve over time with its contents responding to the need of those delivering. Basic elements include; 

  • Learning from existing and proposed projects for Nature Networks, e.g. through case studies and best practice 

  • Guidance and signposting to potential resources 

  • Connectivity and opportunity mapping tools  

  • Information on public and private funding, finance and investment. 

The sections below are the beginning of this toolbox. At present, they are ‘lite’ pages, with initial content demonstrating what’s to come. The toolbox will continue to be updated, with other sections coming online, over the coming months.  Much like the framework, this toolbox looks to be co-designed driven by the needs of delivery partners. For these initial pages, input has been gathered through the co-design workshops for the Nature Network Framework and through consultation workshops – details of which will be posted here when available.  Towards the end of 2023 a couple of workshops were run to gather input on what the Nature Network needed to contain - these workshops are available to read.



Working together to build a useful toolbox

Please help to keep the toolbox useful and up to date by inputting to what needs to be included.  

Please share your feedback on existing resources, links to other resources or ideas for guidance that is still needed via this online form