Construction of new education pavilion for Tentsmuir begins

17 December 2018

Pupils from Madras College, St Andrews have ceremonially dug the first sod of an exciting new education pavilion at Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve.

The architecturally-designed shelter will not only provide a gathering place for schools, but also serve as a focal point for all visitors to Tentsmuir Point to learn about the nature and culture of the reserve.

Tom Cunningham, NatureScot reserve manager said:

“This new, much-needed shelter will be great for introducing pupils and students to the reserve. It’ll be a welcoming place for them to learn about the reserve – and also have somewhere dry for lunch!”

Suitable for groups of up to 40 people, the pavilion will be situated close to the Ice House, one of the main visitor entrances on the reserve. Financial support for the structure has been obtained from Fife LEADER through the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

The shelter is due to be complete in March 2019. There may be some disruption for visitors while works continue. The footpath from the Icehouse to the foreshore will be subject to temporary closure.

Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve (NNR) boasts constantly moving sand at the edge of the sea to the colourful dune heathland. Seals haul themselves out of the water to watch the world go by, while hungry birds fill up on the rich mix of food hidden in the mudflats. Inland, you can discover the hidden gem of Morton Loch and search for birds like the shy teal dabbling at the water's edge and the elusive otter. For more information on the reserve, see