Visit Rum NNR Tadhail Rum Tèarmann Nàdair Nàiseanta

Visit Rum NNR Tadhail Rum Tèarmann Nàdair Nàiseanta front cover

Rum is the largest of the Small Isles, and the island’s many contrasting landscapes give Rum National Nature Reserve its special character.

Explore the reserve from bogs dotted with lochans to cliffs noisy with seabird colonies. About 1,000 red deer roam the island, while white-tailed sea eagles and golden eagles soar high in the sky. Loch Scresort offers otter and seal-spotting opportunities.

Use our leaflet to plan a day trip to Rum or a longer stay on the island. It contains a map and natural heritage highlights, plus a timeline of Rum’s human history.

Published: 2015

Language: English/Gaelic

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