SNH Research Report 1158 - Deer-Vehicle Collision (DVC) data collection and analysis 2016 - 2018

This report is a continuation of the Deer-Vehicle Collisions project and includes data and analysis form 2016 to 2018 including risk mapping on the trunk road network.

The SNH DVC database (available via Natural Spaces) now includes over 17,000 mapped incidents from 2008 to 2018. 92% of these come from the four primary data sources; the SSPCA, Truck Road Operating Companies (ToC), Forestry Land Scotland rangers and human injury records from Police Scotland.

SNH and transport Scotland will use the data and findings from the project to work with a range of stakeholders including land managers, road operating companies and local authorities to prioritise and support work to mitigate DVCs.

Pages: 76
Published: 2019

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