SNH Commissioned Report 891 - Impacts of sea-level rise and storm surges due to climate change in the Firth of Clyde

Sea-level rise and storm surges may affect vulnerable habitats, coastal communities, and infrastructure in the Firth of Clyde area. The Firth of Clyde Forum initiated a project to better understand the threats. Scottish Natural Heritage provided some of the project funding and commissioned this report.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency maps current flood risk and considers projected sea-level rise by 2080 in its Flood Risk Management Strategies. This project aimed to use more detailed local mapping to identify vulnerable coastal areas. It also set out to predict the likely mean sea level in 2020, 2050 and 2080.

Long-term climate change adaptation strategies – including local development planning, flood risk management and regional marine planning – can draw on this report. It presents the project findings, plus four case studies that look at whether managed coastal realignment could help to alleviate local flooding.

Main report - pages: 147 - 49MB
Annex 7 mapped outputs - pages: 112 - 128MB

Published: 2017

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