Scotland’s National Peatland Plan: Working for our future

Scotland’s first national peatland plan sets out the many benefits of healthy peatlands and how we can improve peatland that is in poor condition.

Peatlands cover more than 20% of Scotland’s land area. Healthy peat plays a vital role in carbon storage and combating the effects of climate change, and in maintaining Scotland’s water quality and rich biodiversity. Peatlands reduce flood risk and support farming and crofting. They are also part of the wild landscapes that attract tourists to Scotland.

Much of our peatland is in poor condition and requires suitable management or even restoration.

Managing and restoring our peatlands to get the best we can from them requires a joint approach involving land owners and managers, scientific and technical expertise and appropriate levels of funding, together with the necessary policies and guidance to steer activities in the desired direction.

Scientific and technical expertise, funding, and policy and guidance are needed to support landowners and land managers in this work.

Find out in this plan how the National Peatland Group, will lead these efforts.

Published: 2015
Pages: 52

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