NatureScot's Climate Change Commitments 2019

11 October 2019

Scotland’s nature is among the country’s greatest assets. Nature gives us food and drinking water, energy and timber. It contributes to a clean and healthy environment and our iconic landscapes, and improves our well-being and quality of life. Nature is also our greatest insurance against climate change.

NatureScot has published this document that frames our commitments and refreshed approach to climate change. NatureScot has delivered climate change actions for many years, but in responding to the climate emergency, our Commitments focus on expanded and new areas of activity. Within the following six themes we introduce key examples of that work.

  1. Changing use of the land

We will work with Scottish Government and partners in transforming land-use policy and incentives, and promote habitat expansion, to support nature-rich and resilient landscapes that contribute to net emissions reduction.

  1. Changing use of the sea and coasts

We will further develop policy and practice on maintaining and enhancing the carbon storage capacity of marine habitats, using Marine Protected Areas as pilots and exemplars, and promote adaptation to climate change through marine and coastal nature.

  1. Tackling climate-change effects on native habitats and species

We will expand action to help Scotland’s wildlife cope with climate change, developing approaches to protected area conservation. We have to focus on areas that best cope with global change, for some areas that means restoration and for some areas that means adapting to changes out with our control.

  1. Supporting climate-resilient communities

We will help direct green infrastructure investment, and prioritise our advice and guidance on placemaking, to support low-carbon communities that can adapt to the effects of climate change.

  1. Enabling new development that helps address climate change

We will work with partners on ensuring that new development and infrastructure enhances nature to assist the transition to Net Zero and to promote resilience to climate change.

  1. Managing NatureScot’s own emissions and sequestration

We will lead the way as a Low Carbon organisation, moving our activities towards Net Zero, and enhancing carbon storage and sequestration on land we own or manage.

Read the full Climate Change Commitments document