Guidance - Assessing the significance of impacts on bird populations from onshore wind farms that do not affect protected areas

The purpose of this guidance is to assist with the assessments of terrestrial wind farm proposals where potential impacts do not affect notified interests or qualifying features of protected sites (SSSI, SPA or Ramsar sites). 

This guidance is primarily directed at developers and their consultants and provides a framework for assessing impacts on bird populations within an environmental assessment or an environmental statement. It will also be useful for staff within SNH as well as consenting authorities when they are consulted on proposed developments.

The assessment process is described here as well as setting out the information required to assess the significance of any impact on a species. The guidance is not appropriate for the assessment of offshore wind farm developments, though there is potential for some species to be exposed to impacts from both onshore and offshore populations. In assessing cumulative impacts, the effects of offshore developments may need to be incorporated into onshore assessments for some species.

Pages: 13
Published: 2018

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