UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

The UK hosted the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow on 31 October – 12 November 2021.

The climate talks brought together heads of state, climate experts, young people, civil society, trade unions, faith groups and Indigenous Peoples to agree coordinated action to tackle climate change. The UN Climate Change process is central to ensuring collective action is agreed to meet the significant challenge posed by climate change.

Go to the COP26 website for more information.


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Climate is nature, nature is climate


Volunteers clearing willow scrub at Loch Leven NNR, Tayside and Clackmannanshire Area



  • The twin Climate and Nature Crises are coupled and must be tackled together: we tackle both or we tackle neither.

  • Nature can contribute to more than 30% of our net zero targets.

  • Involvement of people from across all society in developing and delivering nature-based solutions will lead to a just transition.

What did NatureScot do at COP26?

View over Moncrieff Woodland Park and Bridge of Earn from Moncrieff Hill showing trees and fields

Blue Zone
Bonsai Landscape

Scottish Bonsai landscapes Exhibit showcased how Scottish landscapes from mountain to sea deliver nature-based solutions to climate change.

Peatland ACTION - Digger re-profiling bare peat hag.

Blue Zone
Peatland Restoration

At the Peatland Pavilion NatureScot showcased the peatland restoration work we have been leading and funding across Scotland.


Roof garden containing heather and other plants. Edinburgh skyline in background.

Blue Zone
VVIP Garden

The VVIP Garden at COP26 showcased a few examples of urban nature-based solutions. Find out more about the nature-based solutions are that were implemented and how they work here.

Kelp forest.

Green zone
UK's Nature-Based Solutions

UK’s nature conservation, environmental protection and forestry agencies came together to signal the importance of tackling climate and nature emergencies together, showcasing the UK’s leading nature-based solutions projects at COP26.

Nature-based Solutions to climate
change are a vital part of action to
achieve net zero, and Scotland is
ideally placed to deliver.

A nature-rich future is
vital for ensuring we adapt
to the climate change
already locked in.

Nature-based Solutions to climate change
provide multiple benefits when planned
and positioned well – solutions must be
developed in an integrated way.


Enhancing the diversity and space
for nature is key to reducing risk
and increasing resilience (to further
pandemics and climate change).

NatureScot will be a Net Zero
organisation by 2040; a leader in
reducing our own emission using
innovation and new technology.


What Scotland is doing?

In Scotland, and the rest of the UK, climate change targets are now written into law, Scotland has gone further by legislating that we will reach 75% of our net zero target by 2030, with the ultimate target of being a net zero nation by 2045. Each nation of the convention must produce a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), which sets out clearly how that nation will meet the 1.5°C target. The Scottish Government have produced an NDC ‘Scotland’s contribution to the Paris Agreement’ clearly demonstrating Scotland’s ambition to be a climate zero nation by 2045.



“It is everyone’s responsibility to be nature positive. We know the twin crises of climate change
and nature loss are inextricably linked – we do both, or do neither.

“Scotland is stepping up to the challenges we face so that we can deliver our ambition of
a nature positive future.

“So, as we prepare to host COP26 in Glasgow, this is a crucial time to take bold, positive action
for both nature and the climate.”


Francesca Osowska      
NatureScot Chief Executive      

Image of Loch Maree and the surrounding hills