A nature-rich future for Scotland

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Robert Dale farmer ooking at a pond on his farm

Farming with nature: seven ways to boost biodiversity on farms

In this episode of the podcast we chat with Rob Drummond, NatureScot's Farming with Nature Project Officer, who is also a farmer, and Robert Dale, who manages Lochhouses Farm in East Lothian. We discuss the importance of increasing biodiversity, nature habitats, and species on farms and crofts.

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Don't allow your dog to approach animals or people uninvited. Always keep your dog in sight and under control. If in doubt use a lead...

Be a responsible dog walker

Even a well-trained dog can scare other animals and people.

Keeping your dog in sight and under control is the best way to avoid upsetting others, injuring livestock and disturbing wildlife. If in doubt, use a lead.

Get tips on responsible dog walking and find out more about the Scottish Outdoor Access code