A nature-rich future for Scotland    

These are part of what makes Scotland special and are among the country's greatest assets.

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Don't allow your dog to approach animals or people uninvited. Always keep your dog in sight and under control. If in doubt use a lead...

Be a responsible dog walker

Even a well-trained dog can scare other animals and people.

Keeping your dog in sight and under control is the best way to avoid upsetting others or injuring livestock. If in doubt, use a lead.

Get tips on responsible dog walking and find out more about the Scottish Outdoor Access code.

Donya standing looking at camera with hills, clouds and water in background

Natural Capital: pushing nature to the top of the agenda

In this podcast episode Tim and Kirstin chat to Donya Davidson, NatureScot’s Natural Capital Tools Manager.

Donya explains what we mean by Natural Capital, how taking a natural capital approach to managing land can provide multiple benefits for both people and nature, and how she Makes Space For Nature everyday.